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  • Sonnez les Matines

    “Sonnez les Matines” (1998) Composed for Ensemble 2000s “christmas tour”, 1998. Performers: Flute, clarinet, percussion, guitar, piano, violin and ‘cello. One movement,
  • Stabat Mater

    “Stabat Mater” (2009) For soprano & organ. Lyrics by Holger Lissner. Dur. 6-7’.
  • Stage Fright

    “Stage Fright” (1990-91) First sketches 1989, 1. version finished for the Esbjerg Ensemble workshop, may 1991. Performers: Wind quintet and string quintet.
  • Star Concerto

    “Star Concerto” (2001-02) Concerto for trombone and nine instruments Performers: Trombone solo, flute, clarinet, horn, trumpet, percussion, harp, violin, viola and ‘cello.
  • Star Songs

    “Star Songs” (2004) Music for the planetarium film show “Star songs and Planet dance”. Performers: Trombone, violin, ‘cello and piano. Dur. 30’. Premiered
  • Strophes from the Middle Ages

    “Strophes from the Middle Ages” (1996) For mixed choir (SATB). Dur. 10’. “Strophes from the Middle Ages” is recorded on Paula records.
  • Symphony

    “Symphony” (2006) Composed during Bo Gunges 1-year employment as composer in residence with South Jutland Symphony Orchestra. Orchestra: 3333 - 4331 - timp.
  • The King is Falling

    “The King is Falling” (2007) Symphonic poem after an episode in Johs. V. Jensens novel “Downfall of the King”. Orchstra: 3333 -
  • The Might of the Created

    “The Might of the Created” (2004) After Goethes “Faust”. Performers: Mixed choir (SATB), wind quintet, string quartet and piano. One movement, dur.
  • The Morning Gift

    “The Morning Gift” (2005) Stage music for a play about the wedding, life and death of Queen Dagmar. Performers: Girls’ choir (SSA),