I did imagine, I would talk a little bit about my view of art and of composing. Thougts of these issues have been of paramount importance to me for a long time, but they are not easily put down on paper in a strict and clear way. Still, I would like to offer some statements, that hopefully might serve as an inspiration.


My art is about, in a personal way, to seek out a path into new music, going around the traditional avant-garde way of thinking, without rejecting it. In principle any kind of music can find its way into my works, including the never before heard. The driving force behind my creativeness is not the search for metaphysical Truth, but on the other hand, I am greatly involved in the idea, that music, and the arts, as non-verbal forms of expression, holds a knowledge of the world, that we can make a good use of as tools in handling the inevitable, partly irrational, intensities life is full of. A 100 years ago we would perhaps say, that “there must be singing behind the plough”, I will say, that art is capable of dealing with the energy behind the fluctuations in our being. There is a constant need for “being into music”.

                                                            Bo Gunge

                                                            Varming Vesterby 35

                                                            6760 Ribe

                                                            tlf.: +45 75 42 00 62