STAGE- and FILM MUSIC:                                                                                                            Photo: Anders Bach


“The Orchestral Pit” (2011) Chamberopera on a short-story by Anne-Marie Vedsø Olesen.

Libretto: Anne-Marie Vedsø Olesen.

Performers: 6 soloists (S, MS, MS, Ten., Bar. Bass) Choir, Oboe, Perc. El. String trio.

2 acts, dur. 110 min. Commissioned by Den Fynske Opera, World premiere 16. marts 2012. Trailer:

Towards tomorrow(2010) Play, celebrating the 1300-year history of the town of Ribe.

Performers: Tenor solo, Barytone solo, mixed choir (SAB), youth choir (SAB) oboe, horn, percussion, organ, viola & cello. dur. 40’. Premiered 16. oktober in Ribe Cathedral.

Come my dove(2007) Musical about a “battle” between two well known historic poets from Ribe, Denmark.

Performers: Tenor solo, Baryton solo, 6 solo voices (SSATTB), girls’ choir (SA) trumpet, vibraphone, electric guitar, double bass and church organ. Dur. 30’. Premiered 14. october in Ribe Cathedral.


Ghosts(2006) Dramatic cycle of songs about five influential townspeople from Ribe in the 16. century.

Performers: 5 soloists (STTBB) girls’ choir (SSA) bagpipe (in G & D), marimba, accordion, harpsichord and church organ. Dur. 30’. Premiered 15. october, 2006 in Ribe Cathedral.


The Morning Gift (2005) Stage music for a play about the wedding, life and death of Queen Dagmar.

Performers: Girls’ choir (SSA), flute, clarinet, percussion, electric guitar, ‘cello and church organ. Dur 30’. Premiered 12. october, 2005 in Ribe Cathedral.


Orfeus loves Eurydike (2004-05) Chamber opera. The classic story told for modern families, with a recycling of music from Glucks and Monteverdis’ operas on the same subject. Performers: 4 soloists (SATB), flute, ‘cello, harp & percussion.

Dur 70’. Premiered in april 2005 by The Jutland Opera. Reviews:
              Commissioned by The Jutland Opera.


Star Songs (2004) Music for the planetarium film show “Star songs and Planet dance”.

Performers: Trombone, violin, ‘cello and piano. Dur. 30’. Premiered 30. april 2004.

                                                                                                                                                                                    Photo: Poul Anker Nielsen