John Christiansen in Jyllands-Posten (8/3 - 05):


Bo Gunges “Orfeus Loves Eurydike” is a fine and exciting family opera, that grown ups even can attend alone. (...) -Gunge has in a very fine way incorporated (Glucks og Monteverdis) music in his own. One experiences the old music as still being close to life, while it is at the same time being confronted with the world we know today. The huge credit for this goes to Bo Gunge, but it is not his only one, just as he is not alone in having it.”



Thomas Michelsen in Politiken (10/4 - 05):


“And indeed a lot of good workmanship has been put into it by the danish composer Bo Gunge in making Monteverdis early baroque opera and Glucks classical ditto about the Orfeus legend run smoothly down. It must be said at once, that this works very well indeed.”



Ole Straarup in Århus Stiftstidende (8/3 - 05):


“Make Sure the Children Gets There!

...-a highly see- and hear-worthy performance... -The composer has really been into the core of Monteverdis and Glucks music, made it almost his own, has blended it with his own and in doing so, he has recomposed a listening- and singing-friendly music, that balances beautifully around the feeling of something “poppin’ up”, which especially Glucks music could have been in danger of...”