Bodil Sørensen in JydskeVestkysten (28/1 - 06):


“ Magnificent new danish symphony!

Bo Gunges symphony in 4 movements for large orchestra is something of a tour de force, but was convincingly delivered under the experienced british conductor Graham Bond and captured a large audience by virtue of its living wealth of melody and competent utilization of the grand orchestral forces. The 4 movements –a lively allegro, a light footed adagio, an elegant andante and a sparkling presto –showed the composers firm grip of the individual instruments and sense of the united forces of orchestral sound.”



Hjarne Fessel in Jyllands-Posten (28/1 - 06):


“ Colour-radiant shamelessness!

...-Gunge hits it off freshly and doesn’t seem to be particularly weighed down by the past... -One can sense a postmodern consciousness about both form, convention and avantgarde, but paired with an immediate, almost shameless joy of composing colourfully.”