John Christiansen in Jyllands-Posten (5/9 - 10):

“New orchestral piece by Bo Gunge with spontaneous effect.

At the first performance of Bo Gunges “Concerto for orchestra”, his second symphony, the orchestra was divided into four groups, resulting in a different acoustical atmosphere, that could be described as surround sound.

The main group was under the large dome, while Birgitte Ebert, who has been active begind the festival, was at the cathedral organ as part of one group. Gunge had studied the acoustics of the church beforehand and knew it. The three movements are well written, lively, interest provoking and accessible music referring to the principles of “simplicity”, “confusion” and “contrasts”.

One experiences the music like emerging ideas, that intervene with another, eventually forming a chaos, but with time fight their way into existing side-by-side. A picture of the world of today, with a final result, that hopefully could be transferred to reality.

South Jutland Symphony Orchestra and Søren K. Hansen, who is much more than an excellent conductor for singers, had at good grip of the new work by Bo Gunge...”