Peer Kjær Andersen in Kristeligt Dagblad (30/4 - 02):


“ ...the concert friday afternoon on the Steno Museum, where Bo Gunge’s “Moon Wedding Songs” had their first live-performance by Aarhus University Choir, under the supervision of Carsten Seyer-Hansen.


It is a work of that rare sort, which calls for some of the deepest myths and instincts in humans, with its many musical and intellectual layers, and at the same time it is directly accessible music.


With a length equal to that of a romantic symphony, the piece held its listeners captivated, by way of its inner logic, in a ritual form of great beauty, timeless, but put into relief by the merciless movements of the Focault-pendulum in the hall of the museum.



Steen Søgaard in Jyllands-Posten (30/4 - 02):


“The music (...) is very harmonious, introvert and meditative and it is all the time moving like a gliding current of layers, floating out and in between one another, appearing in colorful shades of sound.


The text, put together by the composer, is carried by the four-part male choir in complex polyphonic structures with dense, spicy sounds, while the female choir adds different effects of sound and atmosphere: For instance a tapping on the cheeks as an expression of the moon shadows, and long soundful notes connected to light. (...)


The rich content of moods and atmosphere and not the least the highly polished choral performance created a beautiful and poetic unity, that inevitably touches and moves the senses.”