Hjarne Fessel in Jyllands-Posten (4/11 - 04):


“ It is amongst rarities, that a younger danish composer throws himself into the task of writing a requiem. Bo Gunges Requiem is even more so one of the really exceptional examples of a contemporary, non dogmatic attitude towards a religious text.  


With his requiem, Gunge is gathering all forces in the attempt to get meaning out of the old texts – to see them in connection with himself and the present time. To Gunge the mass of the dead is more than a colorful apocalyptic vision; it is also a text of hope and attention and of art and the non-adapted in relation to the world.  


The music is, as we stay in the language of biblical metaphors, manifold. Multifarious stylistic features are being mixed and shrill sounds are combined with more favorable tones. In his interpretation, the conductor  Søren Birch made a priority to bring out the heartfelt and subdued, and choir as well as soloists took this side of the music up splendidly. However one could not resist the feeling that the same music also could have been insisting and  imperative.


In a time, where cliché, pretending and irony is everyday business, it is reaffirming when someone reaches out for a serious expression. Bo Gunges Requiem is convincing in its depth and seriousness and one can only hope the music will find many performances in the future.”