Jakob Brønnum in Århus Stiftstidende (5/11 - 95):


“...it was clear how the musicians enjoyed playing the subtle and humorous work.”



John Christiansen i Jyllands-Posten (5/11 - 95):


“Two newer danish works of interest were Anders Brødsgaards “Network” and Bo Gunges “Reasons”...”



Jan Jacoby in Politiken (6/11 - 95):


“Perhaps “lighter”, but also more fun, was the newest work of the day, Reasons, by Bo Gunge. The mildly playing surface of figurative harmonic fields has minimalistic features without being minimalism, and the non-thematic material is inventively strong in its character. With discrete humor, the piece bends freely between the impulsive and the grown, the dramatic and the curiously botanizing.”