Moon Wedding Songs is a musical experience of the four phases of the moon, divided into fire times seven songs, in which a male choir is symbolizing the waving energy of the sun, while the female choir is its echo; the reclections of the sunligt in the dust grey surface of the moon.


The text is put together out of reminiscences of myth from many parts of the world through the ages. Its about fertality, rituals, male & female archetypes and so on.


The piece was to hard to do for the choir it was originally written for, and when its premiere had been cancelled twice, I began making scetches for a project, that could put the work on the stage.


The result was a multimedia light show, to be shown in a planetarium room, and as such it was premiered during the NUMUS festival in 1995. It was a considerable artistic succes, and the show has actually been on the program in the planetarium concerned ever since.


Hereafter the work was transmitted a couple of times by the Danish Radio, who had helped with its recording, and short time after that, I made the agreement with Paula Records for the publishing a CD of that same recording.

On the CD there are also three songs of more moderate difficulty for mixed choir; Strophes from the Middle Ages, to texts from Saxo, Anders Sunesen and Mogens Lausen.


Lars Mogensen took this picture of me, about the time, the CD was released