Life’s Bridge is the second CD of Aarhus University choir. It contains six titles from just as many composers, all of which have had some sort of connection with the Royal Academy of Music, Aarhus.


Apart from that, the Music on the CD has another centre of rotation, reflected in the title Life’s Bridge; that all works are based on texts that concern the passing of the seasons and the course of life. Although the texts are very dissimilar, they all concern the concepts of time and existence such as these phenomenons present themselves in nature or in our minds.


My contribution, A Time for Everything, set to the well known passage from ecclessiastes, came into being upon an invitation from the festival “Holmboe i Horsens”. In 2002 they asked five composers to participate in their composition contest, which focussed on biblical texts. A Time for Everything won 2. prize as well as the audiences prize.


It must be said however, that Aarhus University Choir took up the challenge to make the first live performance of my Moon Wedding Songs in 2002. They did a wonderful job, under the skillful leadership of conductor Carsten Seyer-Hansen.