The flute trio Flutention was active from 1995-2003. The three musicians, Charlotte Norholt, Bettina Ziehlke and Marianne Leth were all studying with Thomas Jensen at the Music Academy, and they soon began to participate in competitions and master classes as a group.


Their first CD, containing pieces from the classical repertoire became widely known, and was for instance played on the BBC. Flowersongs are their second and last CD, as they got employed in orchestras in different parts of the country and therefore had more and more trouble prolonging their cooperation.


My contribution, THREE - O - 4, is a variation work. My trios with titles reminding of this, are all about employing instruments that are not homogenous in their sound, and therefore I chose to use piccolo, C-flute and alto-flute, to point at the difference of sound, even within the same family of instruments.