I have been doing a considerable amount of work with and for children and young people. Since 2003 I have collaborated with Sigurd Barrett, Nikolaj Hansen and the Danish National Symphony Orchestra / DR, especially when orchestral arrangements of a more dramatic or virtuoso kind of style was needed, as in songs like “Symfo 1-2-3”, “Symfoniorkesterets julesang” or the wedding song for the Royal Couple “Frederik og Mary”.

Working with Sigurds songs is wonderful, because they are fine songs, and they always prove to work idiomatically as orchestral music. But I have also contributed to the DMA-winning television series “Sigurd og symfoniorkesteret” myself. Among other things, I composed the symphonic tale Da Hansen lærte at fløjte directly to the program in which the flute was featured.


Another activity has been my work as a “Houseartist” -

composing with kids at their music classes in school. In 2006

I wrote an orchestral piece, YoungMind (Ungsind) with 9.th & 10.th grade at the OrkesterEfterskolen in Holstebro, which the kids premiered themselves at the finishing summer concert, and in a beautiful project, called, Små komponisters værksted (Little Composers’ Workshop) I worked with 4. B at the school of Taulov, making two quartets, Game and Bjergførerens død (Death of the Mounteneer) for clarinet, trombone, percussion and doublebass. You can watch a small documentary by Vibe Hasbirk, putting the proces of working with the music on display. These compositions are definitely worth while, and you can get to look at a score by contacting me.