This is the place for the most important question: What does the music sound like?    
Lately I have contributed with works for two CD’s: “A Devil Behind the Mask” written for electric guitar solo, is part of Anders Borbyes solo-project “Refolia”, published on a CD of that name in 2009. In the summer of 2010 the CD “Songs to Our Lady” came, with soprano Elisabeth Meyer-Topsøe and organist Birgitte Ebert. For this I had written a “Stabat Mater” to words from a hymn by Holger Lissner reinterpreting the medieval text. The CD received a 5-star review in the newspaper “Kristeligt Dagblad”, and “Stabat Mater” was especially mentioned as an “intense and grandiose” piece. Also an international review of the CD “Songs to Our Lady”, has come out, which you can read by clicking here. Both CDs are available on iTunes, and you can read more about their content by clicking below.

By clicking on the picture to the right, you will arrive at a page, where you can see and hear a 10
minute demo, presenting 6 of my orchestral works. Click the picture or hear it:
My symphony, nr. 2, first performed in Ribe Cathedral by South Jutland Symphony Orchestra
and Søren K. Hansen, and most of my works have been transmitted by the Danish Broadcasting
Corporation, program 2. None of them are available for streaming at the moment. (But you could
try mailing them, wishing to hear something)

 Finally, some of my works have been recorded on The CDs shown below. Click on any cover, and you will find a bit of information about the CD and my contribution to it.

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